Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Issue date: 02-02-09 Due date: 09-02-09

Q. Explain the recent global trends in international trade & finance.
Q. Explain: Internationalization process in Detail, which includes the following key points:
- Approaches to internationalization.
- International decision process.
- Market entry mode.

Issue date:26-02-09 Due date:5-03-09

Q (a) Give a Detail note on Globalization, MAI , IMF & World Bank
(b) What factors can affect foriegn investment in a developing economy? Discuss.

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Q (a) Suppose you just want to start a new business at international level. Then what are the different sources you have available for financing your business & How could You manage your business finance. Explain.
(b) What are the different modes of corporate information & communication in International Business

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Q1(a).What are the basic issues involved in recruiting & selecting managers for foreign assignments?
(b) If you were being assigned to a foreign position, what specific training requests would you make of your employer?

Gurgaon Institute of Technology and Management

Department: MBA
Semester : 2nd
Subject Name &Code : International Business

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Pages :

Faculty : Meenu Sharma


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