Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross Cultural Challenges In IB

Cross Cultural Challenges In IB

Reasons for Expatriate Failure

• Inability of spouse to adjust
• Manager's inability to adjust
• Other family reasons
• Inability to cope with larger international responsibility
• Difficulties with new environment
• Personal or emotional problems
• Lack of technical competence

Training for Expatriates:

An expatriate needs following trainings to cope with cross cultural challenges:
(1) cultural training,
(2) language training, and
(3) practical training.

An expatriate's cultural adjustment typically comprises three stages .
1st Stage : Tourist Stage
the expatriate enjoys a great deal of excitement as he or she discovers the new culture. This stage is called the tourist stage.

2nd Stage Disillusionment:
In this stage, the curve hits the bottom and is characterized by what is called culture shock.

3rd Stage : adapting or adjustment phase.
If culture shock is handled successfully, the expatriate enters the third stage, which may be called the adapting or adjustment phase

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